What Is a WiFi Extender and Do You Need One

2022-12-21 11:30:00 / 0 views
What Is a WiFi Extender and Do You Need One

This article explores the purpose of a WiFi extender and whether or not you need one in your home. A WiFi extender extends the reach of your home WiFi network.

What is a Wifi Extender?

A WiFi extender is a device that helps to improve the range and strength of your home WiFi network. It does this by extending the signal from your router to areas of your home where the coverage is weak or non-existent.
Most WiFi extenders are compact and easy to set up, making them an ideal solution for improving your home WiFi network. You can simply plug them into an electrical outlet, and they will begin working to extend your network's reach.
There are two main types of WiFi extenders: repeaters and bridges. Repeaters take the signal from your router and rebroadcast it, amplifying the signal so that it can reach further into your home. Bridges, on the other hand, connect directly to your router and then create their own wireless network that devices can connect to.
If you're looking for a quick and easy way to improve your home WiFi network, then a WiFi extender is a great solution.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Wifi Extender?

If you have a poor WiFi signal in your home, you may benefit from using a WiFi extender. A WiFi extender can help to boost your signal and extend the range of your wireless network. This can be especially useful if you have a large home or office or if there are any dead spots in your current coverage area. In addition to improving your WiFi signal, a WiFi extender can also help to improve your online speeds and reduce any buffering when streaming video or audio.

How to Use a WiFi Extender?

If your home WiFi network isn't reaching every corner of your home, you may need a WiFi extender to ensure strong signal strength throughout. Here's how to use a WiFi extender:
1. Choose the right location for your WiFi extender. For optimal performance, place the extender halfway between your router and the dead zone.
2. Connect your WiFi extender to power and an outlet.
3. Log into your router's admin page and find the section for guest networking or wireless security. You'll need to disable the security on this page so that the extender can connect to your network.
4. Find the SSID (network name) of your main network and enter it into the SSID field on the configuration page of your extender. Then, enter your password for this network into the Password field. Save these settings before moving on.
5. Return to your router's admin page and re-enable any security features you disabled in Step 3.